8 Ways To Crash A Model Airplane

Flying radio control model aircraft is a hobby enjoyed by thousands of enthusiasts. RC pilots earn a tremendous amount of satisfaction through designing, building and flying a wide range of radio control model planes.
Model aircraft crashes can and do occur. Following are eight sure fire tips on how to “re-kit” (i.e. crash) a model plane. If you want your model to avoid this sad fate, learn from the mistakes of others!
1. Do not preflight your model plane. The number one cause of model aircraft crashes is skipping the all important preflight check. A preflight check of any aircraft is mandatory before taking to the skies. Develop and follow a simple checklist to ensure you cover all items. Check that everything on the aircraft is securely fastened, that there is no fuel system leakage and the wing is properly mounted.
2. Do not check the flight controls before takeoff. This simple check is accomplished before taxing out from the pits. Standing safely behind your model with the engine running, ensure that all the flight controls move freely and in the proper direction. It is surprisingly easy to inadvertently set up the ailerons to move opposite of the control input. Should this error not be caught during the flight control check, the model will bank away from the transmitter’s aileron control stick input. It is very difficult for any pilot to catch and correct for this during takeoff. Continue reading “8 Ways To Crash A Model Airplane”